Rushmore Curling Club

Rapid City South Dakota's Curling League

2019 League Schedule and Team Names

Sheet     Jan 5     Jan 12     Jan 19     Jan 26     Feb 2     Feb 9     Feb 23     Mar 2       Mar 9     Mar 16     Mar 23     Mar 30     Apr 13     Apr 20     Apr 27

A            6vs4      6vs1        10vs11     1vs9        1vs8       2vs7       5vs12      1vs3         5vs3       4vs1        5vs9         5vs8        2vs10      3vs9        2vs1

B            2vs3      9vs10      9vs12       6vs7        3vs7      4vs11      7vs9        5vs6         11vs9     11vs12    6vs8         3vs11      7vs1         5vs10     4vs5

C           1vs5       12vs7      2vs5         2vs11      5vs11    3vs12      1vs10      4vs2         10vs7     8vs9        3vs10       1vs12      9vs4        2vs8        3vs6

D           12vs10   8vs11      3vs4         10vs8      4vs12    6vs10      4vs8        7vs11       12vs8     6vs2        4vs7         2vs9        12vs6      6vs11      7vs8

Byes   7-8-9-11   2-3-4-5   1-6-7-8    3-4-5-12   2-6-9-10 1-5-8-9   2-3-6-11  8-9-10-12  1-2-4-6  3-5-7-10  1-2-11-12 4-6-7-10  3-5-8-11  1-4-7-12  9-10-11-12

Team Numbers and Names

1. Curl Jam                            7. Volk

2. Rockin' the House             8. Sweeping With the Enemy

3. Box Elder Bombers           9. The Van Buren Boys

4. Rock Blockers                  10. 12 oz Curlers

5. Bedrockers                       11. Broom Stackers

6. Kistler                               12. Sultans of Sweep

Welcome all new and returning players to Rushmore Curling Club’s 16th season. Every player, member, and substitute is responsible for knowing and abiding by all rules. A full list of rules is available on this website. All curlers must sign a waiver (valid for 1 year) prior to entering the ice. If you do not sign a waiver you will be required to leave the ice; you are not covered under the club’s insurance. Neither the Rushmore Curling Club nor the City of Rapid City has responsibility for any injuries. Adult waivers are available with an email request. Please print out, sign, and bring it with you; waivers will not be available at the arena. If you require a juvenile waiver, let me know.

Roosevelt Park Ice Arena runs the Zamboni at 3:30 p.m. Please arrive early to help set-up. The more people help, the sooner we get started. We need to transport equipment to the ice, set hacks, pebble the ice, place rocks on hacks and ice, run the broom, etc. If you do not know how to perform these tasks, contact a board member; you will receive instruction. At the end of games, make sure nothing is left on the ice.

We must take care of the granite curling stones; they can be damaged by mishandling. Curling rocks are extremely expensive and difficult to obtain. The carts have carpet overlays which are wider than the shelves. Please be sure the carpet overlap is on the loading/unloading side of the cart; hang scoreboards on the opposite side where the upper metal lip is exposed. To preserve the stones’ integrity, carefully be sure they never come in contact with any metal. Remember to unload top shelf first, load bottom shelf first. Stones of any handle color may occupy either level.

Ice safety: wear gripper-soled shoes, do not run, and always be aware of your surroundings. Never stand with a stone behind you, watch for other curlers, stop rocks as soon as they touch the out-of-bounds lines and prior to reaching the hacks. Use brooms to stop stones (never hands or feet); never push a stone toward someone whose back is turned.

We have 2 hours to play an 8-end game. Please remember that curling is played at a brisk pace. After the delivering team plays their stone, and all rocks come to rest, the opposing team’s next thrower should be in the hack ready to deliver. Under curling rules, a rock should be delivered within 30 seconds of the other team’s rock coming to rest. To keep the game moving, please try to minimize the time between throws.

I meet regularly with arena management and employees. If you have a problem or concern about ice conditions, or anything curling related, let me know. I will address any & all concerns. Do not contact any arena employee with curling issues. RCC has an agreement with the arena for one club liaison.

If you have questions during a game, please contact one of the Board members; we’ll be happy to help.

Hope you have a fun season. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Good curling,

Herb Kistler - Club President